How it works

We are an open database. Anyone may search through our data except for everyone on earth today. We will take care of the uploaded data for the next 100 years. During this time no one is allowed to view any of the content. Even Cloud of Heaven itself is not allowed to do anything else with the data than saving it for 100 years. 

We understand that this is a long time. Click here if you want to know why we do this.



Our goal is simple: ''passing on experiences in the form of multimedia'' without interacting with the present.
To make this project a succes and to increase the chance that your message will be received in the future it will help if you would share our website.


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We make it stand the test of time!


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Why we save 100 years

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could show your home, garden, favorite outfit or your best painting to people in the future! By the time your uploads have become part of an open database (in 100 years), you and everyone you know is probably dead. Good news! That means you don't have to worry about the reaction of others. Yes, that meens you can finally be yourself.

Nowdays everyone seems to be under the spell of their online presentation, which has a verry high and unrealistic standard.

Cloud of Heaven is a reaction to the social media of today. Here you can be shameless and you can show your true nature. Please openly speak about what you love, where you find meaning and which things are challenging you in life.

Maybe you are a genious but underrated artist.
Than this is your stage!

If you have something important to say. Why let it be unsaid? Following generations might need your support. You can help them on their path by telling you've known trouble too, make them lern from your mistakes or just show them why life in general is worth living. 


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